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Spa Suitcase: Are Metallics Modern Day Suits of Armor?

Liquid Silver Skirt & Bomber Jacket by Glamorous! sold out on

Peek into my #SpaSuitcase in this series, musings on how fashion improves our lives inspired by Style Holladay TV Shopping Show. The Spa Suitcase is the valise I fill with one of a kind & vintage fashion we sell on the show along with the best health and wellness finds broadcast from luxury spas and resorts.

A few months ago at Libertys London, a maxi sheath with victorian ruffled wrists and hem winked at me as I walked by. Like a kaleidoscope, it morphed from dark floral to nickel mesh as I moved by it. I couldn’t resist holding it up against my chest and swaying to make it wink again and again. And then being further beguiled by the brand “The Vampire’s Wife”. Unfortunately, it was the price that was the real bloodsucker at upwards of 3,000 pounds.

Liquid nickel dress by The Vampire’s Wife

Still I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Then I began to notice metals of all sorts popping up in my fashion media. Copper, aluminum, silver, gold, brass all with a soft sheen and almost waterlike finish. Metals were trending baby.

Nike’s no stranger to shine!

Maybe because we were in England, land of knights, but I began to think maybe this trend was more than a cool way to redux sequins. Perhaps it is a “foil”? for our stressful, modern lives. In effect, a suit of armor for Knight-esses.

I went to my vintage valise and pulled out a similar metallic finish blouse — without the silvery glint, it was a black, secretary, pussy bow striped blouse. But the glittery finish made it seem more CEO than typing pool. I paired it with the least obvious choice, denim overalls. And went about my day estate sailing, writing and spa-ing.

Is it Gl-armor? Shirt dress by Temperly London

Did I feel protected or covered? Consciously, because it garnered many compliments, it seemed to imbue an invincibility to me. Talking with other gals about how they’d never seen anything like it was like a secret club. Subsconciously, wearing it felt like I was deflecting poison arrows with a shiny weapon.

Certainly, sequin dresses and gowns are a standby when it comes to the holidays and award shows, screaming “Hey I’m festive and flourishing” vibes. I submit that a liquid steel look does that too but in a more subtle, tough girl way.

Plus, the demureness of liquid metal makes it far more wearable, especially in the daytime and even the office if sported in small portions, it’s “Gl-armor”! And anything that can help me feel more powerful over my life, is “golden” in my book and closet.

Would you melt a little metal into your wardrobe? Let me know below!

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