Travel Show Pivots to Livestream Spa & Beauty Treats: Stay Happy and Healthy During the “Corona-cation”.

Y’all may have heard that we were spa-ing and shopping our way across the USA, to produce Style Holladay a shopping channel meets Travel Channel show and supplement to Life’s A Holladay podcast. But something happened along the way: the coronavirus.

Two weeks ago I wasn’t worried. I’ve been upping my immune system since way back and it just seemed like it couldn’t touch me. But now, worries that I could inadvertently catch the dang thing whilst traveling and become a carrier — means I grounded myself.

Doesn’t it seem surreal? It’s as if we’re all in a science fiction movie. Normally bustling towns, attractions, offices even my beloved spas and shops practically abandoned. I saw last night (as I was Netflixing “The Great British Bake Off”) that the movie “Outbreak” was a top download — jeez!

Roadtrip To Be Continued. . .

What could I do? I felt bad for the sick, the homebound & the businesses that have helped me in my endeavors. Kapow! It hit me, I had learned to livestream for the shopping show and had to switch platforms due to the um, failure to launch well, with the first choice.

The new platform allows me to co-livestream with spa & style experts no matter where in the world they are. So why not livestream WITH the spas remotely? Social distance, check, not spreading germs, check, bringing the spa virtually to y’all, check, check!

We’re broadcasting Spa Treats, Healthy Cooking, DIY Beauty Treats, Fashion Episodes and Travel Tours, it’s a Corona-Spa-Cation! Some shows will even be shoppable. Because we’ll be live, be sure to subscribe to our Spa Suitcase eletter for heads up on upcoming episodes.

You can watch the livestream live on, Art of the Spa facebook, Candy Holladay youtube and partner facebook pages. Playbacks will be available for select episodes.

Until this madness finds a resolution, may we all build and find strength, comfort and joy — and spa time- with each other.

Spa cheers, Candy

PS If you’re interested in collaborating on a spa, healthy, beauty or fashion live experience, or have a spa, product or topic you’d like to see on the show, contact me at SpaWithCandy(at) Sample episode available.



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Candy Holladay

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