Livestreaming Lessons: Crush Your Fear of Video Forever with Four Words

Me Livestreaming at Inn on Pamlico Sound! OMG! Scary thing accomplished!

“It’s not about me.”

“That’s it. Yup. I know. Stupid simple, right?” Now, I knew livestreaming with spas and experts would be a fun way to entertain and personally interact with our audience.

But not just help our audience — my spa peeps could show off their stuff, while helping others be healthy & have fun. And it would be an ideal sponsorship opportunity for retailers. I had tons of ideas for shows too.

Yet, I had so many reasons, um, excuses, not to get in front of that camera:

  1. I never felt good enough. If I don’t have enough energy how can I do a good show? It won’t be good enough
  2. What if I messed up? No one will take me or the show seriously.
  3. I haven’t done enough research. I don’t want to look like a fool.
  4. There’s no where quiet enough or pretty enough to livestream from & I’ll look unprofessional.

Notice how:

Yes, there’s even a song about me!!!!!

So I procrastinated and failed to launch. Finally, though, we landed in such a super unique property that I literally had to share it. It was like, this is so amazing that people NEED to know about it.

At that moment, doing the livestream became more about my audience than about me and that made the fact that I had fried out hair and not the perfect outfit (egads! LOL) not matter.

Not that appearance doesn’t matter, it can give you a boost and wearing fun, bright colors (what to wear is another article, coming soon btw) adds energy. But. . .

Just think about why you are livestreaming, what do you hope your audience learns, does or feels during the show? What’s their benefit? Once you’ve got that answer, put it on a big piece of paper in front of you as you livestream or video for motivation.

With the current coronavirus and social distancing practices, the need to be able to communicate digitally and virtually are critical. And don’t worry, no one will be judging you as they watch because,

“It’s all about them!”

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

PS If your spa or brand would like to collaborate on a spa, healthy, beauty or fashion livestream experience please let me know, we can even do a private test livestream, contact me at SpaWithCandy(at) Sample episode available.



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Candy Holladay

Law school escapee fashioning a healthy life on TV, Radio, Youtube. Lover of frippery & frivolity. . . Ponderer of the above. #CatFan